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This week, magician Asi Wind finished his run of Inner Circle.

He performed over 400 shows. He extended his run five times. The show was featured in the New York Times twice.

He'd do 70 minutes of card magic, and you never once saw the Ace of Spades. When you sat in the theater you were given the choice of a red or black card. You'd write your name on the card. Everyone's card was put on the table. It was with this deck that every trick was performed.

"You are the DNA of this show."

The theater was ~100 seats. So intimate that the people in the back could read their name on their card on the table. Every trick you're hunched over, wondering if it's going to be your card, your name, yourself that gets picked.

It was a masterclass in mastering craft, personalizing experiences, and re-inventing the application of old techniques.

The last few shows were filmed. If you get a chance to watch it, do.