These are some of my five-star photos.

I have a process for editing a batch of photos after importing them from my camera.

First pass, I mark photos that are "in frame and in focus" with two stars. The question I ask is, "is there any possible chance I'd use this photo?" This eliminates 70% of the shots I take.

Second pass, I ask, "which of these do I want to edit and ship?" and mark those with three stars. For example, if I have several shots of the same scene, I add a star only to the best frame of the sequence.

Third pass, I edit each three-star photo, mark it with four stars, then export it to Google Photos. Four stars means it's done. Every photo that I publish here, post to Instagram, or send to a friend was at some point marked with four stars.

Months later, with the benefit of distance, I review my four-star photos and add a fifth star to the shots that strike me as remarkable, or evoke a strong emotion – either because of the photo itself or the moment it captured.

These are some of my five-star photos.

My publishing platform allows nine photos per gallery - so these are broken into multiple galleries.