"Over the years, Seth Godin, Geoffrey Moore, Jennifer Aaker, Clayton Christensen, Kathy Sierra and other extraordinary people have taken the stage at BoS. Greg is the first speaker to ever get a standing ovation."

-Mark Littlewood, Business of Software Conference

I started speaking about mental health in the tech community in 2013. Since then I've given dozens of talks and workshops to de-stigmatize mental illness amongst developers, including at Twilio, Digital Ocean, Vimeo, DataDog, and Google.

As a Developer Evangelist at Twilio, I've also given a few hundred live-coding demos. Here's my talk from RubyConf, How I Taught My Dog to Text Selfies, which features 20 minutes of live coding on a Raspberry Pi.

Here's a live-coding talk at Windy City Rails where I built an SMS chatbot using the Twitter API and Markov Chains:

If you're interested in having me speak at your conference or company, please email me at greg@baugues.com.