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It's Just a Bone Bruise!

After a nine hour drive from Buffalo, we arrived back in Chicago on Wednesday night. The next morning, Rachel got an MRI at AOMS Clinic, where she worked before we left. Same day MRI readings are practically unheard of, but Dr. Khanna expedited the process and called us that evening with the results.

It’s just a bone bruise. This is great, great news. Going into the MRI, the most likely diagnosis seemed to be torn cartilage, which could have required surgery and months of recovery. For a bone bruise to heal, she just needs to stay off of it. Hopefully three weeks of crutches will solve the problem.

So what does that mean for us and our travel plans? We don’t know.

First, Rachel’s got to get better. Until then, we’ll avoid making long term commitments. Rachel will probably go back to work part time. I will do freelance web development - building websites for small businesses - and finish school (I’m completing my Bachelor’s at DePaul). In the meantime, we’re enjoying a bit of a staycation in Chicago.

What we’re most looking forward to now is moving back into our apartment on March 1. We’ve slept in fourteen beds in seven weeks, and we’re ready to come home.