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Milking Cows and Making Cheese

The first extended stop on our trip is a two-week stay on a small dairy farm in Ripoll, Spain. Here’s how it’s described by its owner, Josep, on his HelpX listing:

Situated amongst picturesque mountains and pastures is our traditional Catalan dairy farm. My work integrates knowledge from my parents and grandparents and I try to maintain harmony and respect for nature and animals. My cows are also my friends! To me, farming is more than simply a job, it is a way of life and a different perspective of the world. Volunteers are more than welcome to participate in a traditional organic farming experience and see what this is all about.
I have twenty-five dairy cows, and we produce a number of different cheeses. We also have a small cheesemaking facility and are in the process of building new stables for the cows. Tasks on the farm are varied, and might include working in the vegetable garden, collecting firewood, taking care of the cows, and making cheese. Needless to say, there is always something to do here!