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I'm Greg. I live in Brooklyn with my wife and two kids. I enjoy building things and telling stories. When I have free time, I tend towards coding, writing, and photography. Since 2011, this blog has been my small corner of the Internet where I get to play with all three.

There's over 200 posts on here. These are few of my favorites:

  • Doug and David. Stories from David Blaine's Las Vegas residency. (2023)
  • Layoff. Thoughts on my last day after nine years at Twilio. (2023)
  • Cruise. Reflections on a recent trip with my family. (2022)
  • Dad. Thoughts from the son of a preacherman. (2022)
  • TRS-80. How I started coding at six years old in 1986. (2015)
  • Moving from Chicago to NYC. (2016)
  • Delayed Bonding. My one piece of unsolicited advice for new dads. (2015)
  • E-bike. Thoughts on the first thousand miles on our Urban Arrow. (2022)
  • Who watches the watchers? My sleep deprivation fueled, 900-word Amazon review of the children's book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (2015)

I have type 2 bipolar and have spoken and written about de-stigmatizing mental health since 2013. Here's my Google Talk on it: