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GitHub Trends and Ruby

GitHub Trends shows “what the GitHub community is most excited about this month.”

This month, the five 1 most popular JavaScript repos have been starred 36,000 times.

Now, in all fairness, yarn and tesseract.js were both released this month and both blew up on Hacker News. On the other hand, new shit is being released in the JavaScript ecosystem that the community is really excited about.

Go clocks in around 8,000.

Python is just slightly behind Go.

PHP clocks in around 2,000.

And then there’s the one most troubling to me.

The top five Ruby repos have 2,200 stars. But, the top Ruby repo is fastlane, a utility for streamlining iOS and Android app submisssions that just happens to be written in Ruby. #2 is Homebrew.

I consider myself a Rubyist. It’s a beautiful, productive language. But it seems like this data is telling that me that I need up my JavaScript game.