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San Francisco with an X-Pro3

San Francisco with an X-Pro3

I've been shooting with a Fuji X-Pro3 while on a work trip in San Francisco.

The X-Pro3 is the sibling to my daily carry camera, the X100V. The internals of the two cameras are mostly the same. The biggest differences are:

  • The X100V has a fixed 23mm lens. The X-Pro3 has an interchangeable lens mount.
  • The X100V has an LCD that works just like every other digital camera. The X-Pro3 has a hidden LCD, which you pull-down to reveal and use.

The X-Pro3 was designed for street photography. The hidden LCD was a divergent design decision intended to keep the photographer in the moment instead of constantly "chimping." The back the X-Pro3 looks like film camera, and shooting with it is supposed to feel more like shooting film.

The X-Pro3 was released to a lot of criticism and ridicule. Good design is often divisive. I love that Fuji would take this risk even though, for my shooting style, I mostly found the "pull-down" LCD to be a bug, not a feature. I rely heavily on the LCD for composition and often get better shots when I'm not looking through the view finder.

That said - the X-Pro3 is a joy to shoot with. Heavy and sturdy in your hand. Satisfying shutter. Fast AF. Looks cool. And, of course, Fuji quality images.

These street shots were captured with 16mm and 35mm f/2s on the X-Pro3. In the interest of time, these are mostly JPEGs straight out of the camera, shot with the Acros B&W film emulation, with minimal exposure modifications in Lightroom.

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