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44 days

44 days

I remember picking up The Purpose Driven Life as a kid, reading Chapter 1, which said that the way to read the book was to read one chapter a day for thirty days, and being sad because I knew I'd never finish it.

On Jan 1, I started a project called 365, inspired by one of my favorite photographers. The goal was to take and publish one photo a day for a year.

I made it to March 19th.

Still though, 79 days is better than I could have done in my 20s or 30s.

I spun up this newsletter back in May. I sent a handful of folks an email that said, "A friend is someone who you can subscribe to your newsletter without worrying that they'll report it as spam. I consider you a friend."

Since then, I shipped a handful of posts I'm proud of, and I wrote a bunch of drafts, but it's been hard to hit send.

One of the newsletters I enjoy reading is Fred Wilson's AVC. He ships approximately every day. His posts are short. He often has typos.

Knowing how my brain works, I wonder if it might be easier for me to ship a daily newsletter than a weekly one.

There's 44 days left in 2021. I'm setting a goal of sending this newsletter everyday through the end of the year. Some days, it might just be a photo, but I'm gonna hit send. I'll take Sundays off.

There's about 50 of y'all on this list. I consider all of you friends. We can still be friends if you unsubscribe. We just won't be as good of friends. If you do let me hang around your inbox, I'd love accountability, encouragement, and feedback to get me through the end of the year. Hit that reply button.

Photo is Emma in Lower Manhattan on her seventh birthday, which was this week.