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Corrections at the New York Times

Half the country has been struggling to process and respond to last week’s election results. Three small responses we’ve made have been to set up a $20 recurring donation to the ACLU, donate to the WikiMedia Foundation, and to subscribe to the New York Times.

The latter feels several months overdue given the incredible work the NYT put in during this election season. In an attempt to spend less time on our devices around Emma, Rachel suggested we get the dead-trees subscription, though that includes the digital subscription as well.

Our first issue arrived this morning. We felt quite sophisticated reading it with our coffee, and also a bit tickled that our “local paper” is the New York Times. (We’re new here.)

Tonight I was reading this review of a movie about chess prodigy Magnus Carlsen and noticed a typo: they said he was 13 in 2003 instead of 23.

I shot a quick email to the editor and got this auto-response:

There’s a lot floating around the Internet this week about fake news. We’re proud to support a journalistic institution that gives a shit about getting it right.