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I started listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcast a few weeks ago. Like all things he does, it’s truly excellent.

One of my favorite episodes so far is with WWE superstar, Triple H. He’s a great story teller, which shouldn’t be surprising considering he’s one of our generations most practiced stage performers. (Consider two decades of performing 250 live shows a year in front of tens-of-thousands.)

While discussing his pre-game ritual, he tells a story about visiting Floyd Mayweather before one of his biggest fights. I’ll transcribe it here, but you should find the time to listen to the full episode:

I’m friends with Floyd Mayweather, and I was walking him to the ring one time. He was fighting Marquez.
We got there early, and his guys came and got me – I wanted to watch some of the undercard – and said, “Floyd just wanted to say hi before he starts getting ready and stuff, chat with you for a few minutes. Steph and I went back stage, my wife. Get in his locker room, he’s laying down on the couch watching the basketball game.
We come in and we say “Hello” and all that. He’s like, “Hey! Have a seat.” And now we’re talking a little bit. But I’m trying to be ultra-respectful of him. He’s about to go in, it’s this massive fight.
And so the second there’s a lull in the conversation, I’m like, “Alright man, we’re going to get out of your hair and head back and we’ll come back here when it’s time for us to get ready for your deal.”
And he’s like, “Man, you don’t got to take off. Just sit down, I’m enjoying the conversation. Have fun.” And he’s like completely relaxed.
So another lull in the conversation, I go “We’re going to run Floyd, I don’t want to be in your way.”
And he goes, “Hunter, I’m telling you, I’m just chillin’ watching the game.”
And I said, “You’re not wound up about this at all?”
And he said, “Why would I be wound up? I’m either ready, or I’m not. Worrying about it right now ain’t going to change a damn thing.”