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Seven days ago I shipped a post saying that I was going to write every day for the next 44 days. To those who subscribed in the last few days: Surprise!

I said in there, "I consider all of you friends," because the only people getting these were friends who I subscribed without consent. One of those friends, John Gore, wrote back, encouraged my endeavor, and asked what I hoped to get out of it.

I had no answer. I mostly wanted to build the habit of writing because I thought good things would happen if I wrote more. I hadn't given much thought to what shape those good things might take.

Well, John wasn't the only one who wrote back. Over WhatsApp, email, instagram, SMS, IRL – I've talked to more friends this week than I have in any other week for the last two years, probably by an order of magnitude.

It's been really nice.

I'm thankful for you.

Photo shot last month from the Walkway Over the Hudson State Park.